Monday, July 27, 2015

How to get inside the Moon Base at Mos Ainsley in Second Life (you should arrive in flying mode, just in case.)

Mos Ainsley Moon Base

When I arrived at Mos Ainsley I was able to open the underground hangar.
Hangar, opened.

I was even able to rezz a shuttlecraft and fly it around a little.

Sign on wall of hangar.

Flying the rezzed shuttle -
Note that there are several Void Intersims around Mos Ainsley -
try to navigate over an active region.

But I was frustrated because the round airlocks were all sealed and the only door I could open still  left me outside of the main interior.  Apparently the outside airlocks have been sealed for some time. Some say they are hiding an alien.
This is the only door I could get to open.
I could still cam around inside the structures, but I couldn't get my avatar inside.
I even tried "Open the pod bay doors, HAL." in chat.

Then I remembered an old trick I had learned years ago for going through walls.
Go to your Build menu and rezz a cube.
Rezz a cube
Using your edit tools, push the cube through the door to the inside.

Make sure it is a clear space

Your "Linksets" Window - this is also a good tool to use to make sure you haven't
left anything behind when you are building. (Use the 'take' or 'delete' option then).

Then, in your Build tools, look for "Linksets". Click on the object, then click "Teleport me to it."

Teleported to the cube. My avatar is inside!
Here's another tip - some parts of the interior can be rather dark. You can select the cube and check 'light' to brighten things up a bit. Just attach it to yourself to take it along, and you can make it transparent if you want.

Now go have fun storming the Moon Base. Be sure to get your free spacesuit.

Note: There are other ways to go through walls in Second Life. See

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