Monday, July 13, 2015

The Art of Moya in Second Life

Today I visited Moyaland in Second Life. Moyaland covers a large area that covers four sims. The large expanse is filled with the work of the French artist Patrick Moya.  The artist is said to be one of the first people to explore digital art. From Wikipedia:

"Moya's maxim has been "to please everybody while remaining avant-garde; to be everywhere without wasting oneself; to touch each medium while staying perfectly recognizable". He credits his time as a nude model for his healthy degree of exhibitionism and narcissism that gets duplicated as his cartoon alter ego. The result is art that crosses generations and genders. His work is often described as positive and jubllant."

 What this boils down to is that much of his art consists of sculptures and images of his last name, "Moya", and cartoon and sculptural self-portraits. 

At first I felt as if the artist was a little full of himself, but after a while I began to understand, and grew to enjoy it. Certainly, if you see four huge three-dimensional letters, an "M", an "O", a "Y", and an "A", it is easy to identify them as the work of the artist "Moya". I found some of the small sculptures, with the four letters intertwined, to be very charming.

Although his art is exhibited in real world galleries, I think this virtual space is a great place for his art. Where can you find a gallery that would hold a five-story statue, or that would pay for the electricity for the myriad lights and animations.

Moya's self-portrait as an angel overlooking part of Moyaland.
Here a giant 'noob' statue is collared by an "O"
while another "Moya" representation looks down.

The works cover an immense space, and so there are vehicles you can borrow or ride to get from one site to another. If you can find the Tourist Information Office, there is even a system of teleports you can use.

If you can find the tourist information center,
they have teleports to take you to all the different installations.
You can borrow this plane, and there are also cars and trolleys
you can use to explore.  
A room full of illuminated circuitboards and scrolling displays.
I climbed and climbed to get to the top of this building,
only to find that it is another Moya sculpture.
(See helicopter on shoulder for idea of scale).

Looking down from the neck, you can see some cartoon gears.

If you go still higher, you can see the statue's brains....

In another part of Moyaland there is a carnival with a parade.
Notice the Moya's in the audience. The "Moyas" and "The Lambs"
were everywhere.

Map of Moyaland

I ended up in an amusement park with a 'haunted house'. I never knew that going to an Art exhibit could be so much fun. It is certainly not like wandering through most art galleries. His work is like nothing else. I hope to visit Moyaland again. 

Here is a link to a nice English-language PDF about Moya

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