Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another Machinima - A Visit to the Lilliputian Isles in Second Life

I've made another Machinima. It is actually in two parts starting at I made it because I read an old post in the Second Life forums where someone wrote that was the start of a mini-quest. There were no details.

I went to visit Danu, but it took me a while to figure out that the key to solving the mini-quest was that you had to have a tiny avatar -- if you were a "bigger" you couldn''t see some of the clues, and it wasn't until a few days ago I found that the island chain starting with Danu Sim had been called "The Lilliputian Isles." The only Region that was specifically mentioned was Formidable, but as far as I can determine the sites include:

An island in the Danu Region of the Coastal Waterway below Satori continent.

Island in Danu Sim. The gate will only open for tinies.

The Lighthouse in Redoubtable and the Tiny Isle of Mist in the Intrepid Region.

The lighthouse in Redoubtable, and the Ruined Tower
 and Tiny Isle of Mist in the background.
My viewer lists the Lighthouse as a "Quest Hub" but I could find no clues there.*

The Fairy Grove in Brillant.
Fairy Grove - the YavaPod Tour goes through, but does not stop.

An island in Genereux where there are large pots which are big enough to be houses for some tinies.

An island in Generous

A depot for the Moles of the Linden Department of Public Works in Glorieux.
The equipment is just the right size for my tiny avatar,
but all the vehicles were locked.

The large sim of Meauxle Bureau in the sim of the same name which recreates a mole village.
Meauxle Bureaux
The "Mole Village" was originally built by Kayle Matzerath for the 2013 Fantasy Faire. The annual Faire raises money for the American Cancer Society. Usually these builds are taken down at the end of the event, but this one  was acquired by Linden Labs and in November 2014 they moved it to its current location. Now the spaces that held Faire merchants have been furnished to represent the moles' homes. It is full of interesting things to see. Unfortunately, when I visit it takes a while to rezz, but I think it is worth the wait to see.

The last island is an old fort damaged by volcanic activity in Formidable.
The Fort at Formidable. The guns are fun to play with.

If you want to visit you can teleport directly, or you can take a YavaPod tour from Basilisk that goes by most of the islands.

Part of a YavaPod Map.
The small pale blue loop is the route that goes past the islands.
Be aware that the sailable water in this area is very narrow (the light blue bordering the land). The dark blue represents the InterSim Void, or a big area of Nothing which you can't navigate.

There is a Nemo boat dispenser near the dock in Basilisk, but you can also pick up a simple free boat at

These islands have been furnished with items that are sized for tinies, but they can be visited by larger avatars. The Tiny Isle of Mist is the only one I am aware of that has a mini-quest with clues only visible to a tiny avatar.


*I do not know whether the "Tiny Isle Quest Hub" at the lighthouse in Redoubtable was ever finished, or if it was finished and then fell out of use. The interior furnishings and a few interactive gadgets look like they would fit in a quest, and there are blank visual display stands in the lighthouse which resemble the 'live' ones in the recreation of Garden Mole's residence in Meauxle Bureaux. Just another mystery which will probably never be solved, as Second Life seems to be steaming ahead to their "new and better" vision of the future.

For now, I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

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