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The North Sansara Sea Forts and the White Islands Quest


A Short Adventure

A confusion of names:

If you read the Second Life Wiki ( you will find that it calls the small islands to the North of the Color Sims the "North Sansara Sea Forts". I first heard of them as "The White Islands", and the clues for the Quest that starts at Gisela calls the Quest "The White Islands Quest."  I have heard them referred to as "The White Castles" and I have also heard the islands called "The Marble Islands". The five main islands are all made of virtual white marble and the fact that Hildegard is called "Hildegard Marble Island" and Bertrada is called "Bertrada Marble Oasis" when you check object profiles makes calling them "Marble Islands" or "White Islands" more appropriate than calling them  "North Sansara Forts."

I enjoyed visiting the islands, whatever they are called. If you want to see them by boat, you can get a free boat at the pier at Shamwari. . Just rezz a boat there and sail north. You could also teleport, walk, or fly. A YavannaScript Pod tour also goes through this area.

If you decide to sail from Shamwari, Grifo is the first sim you come to after you've gone through the Fuschia Passage. Grifo is completely underwater. It is a nice place to sail, but there's not much to see as the sea floor is empty*.

Below Grifo

Next you will come to Bertrada. This is where you will get the first clue for the White Island Quest. I won't tell you anything more about the quest, but I have put some clues at the bottom.

Next stop is Gisela.  At the center of the island is the Gymnast Fountain.
Sailing towards Adelais
Next you will come to Adelais.

Next stop is Lothair: This is a more detailed structure, and a great place to just sit and enjoy the view. See if you can find the Misty Mole teddy.

Hildegarde has a lovely Moon Gymnast Fountain in the center.

Theodrada is another underwater sim like Grifo, but it has some fishes and some plants on the sea floor.


Valda Wave Energy Experimental Station is a very interesting structure to explore.
Inside Valda Wave Energy Experimental Station

Lutgard has a rez zone but not much else. You are literally on the edge of the Nothing at the Rez Zone.
At the edge of nothing. You would have to teleport if you want to go straight North from here.

Cyclops is another submerged sim but it gets a lot of water traffic because of the public ferry and because it is the main sea route to the next continent.

There is a public pier near the lighthouse at Purple where you can either take the SecondLife Railway back towards Sansar**, or take a public ferry to Cecropia. Be careful in the area west of the lighthouse - some real estate person has put ban lines all around her new project***. You can also sail North to Cecropia from this area.

If you go to the Cecropia pier you can see the Grief Containment Pond right beside it.
The Calleta Airport is also close by, and an interesting monorail system. I didn't have time to explore further, but you can catch a YavannaScript Pod for a ride from a place close to the pier. One of the first stops is at an Arkady Asylum Freebie Center! There is also a YavannaScript Pod Center just before you get to the Freebie Center where you can connect to other pod tours.

That's it for now.

*You may see people standing on the bottom of the sea for long periods. They may be playing a game called "Tiny Empires" so best not to disturb them.
**A scenic trip, but unfortunately too short.
***I am assured by the real estate person that the ban lines will be removed Friday, August 14th. If so, you might want to stop by and look at the rentals - they are in an ideal location.

Clues to The White Island Quest:
Sometimes you have to look at an object's profile, sometimes you have to touch something, and sometimes you have to just look at something. Also, it is not where things are, but what they are.

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